Turquoise seas, pristine white sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation. If you are an avid nature lover, passionate about fishing or looking for the ultimate diving experience, look no further.

Seychelles. A luxurious, romantic island.

Lying 1600km east of Kenya and just northeast of Madagascar in the warm Indian Ocean, the Seychelles offers some of the world’s most renowned beaches. The Republic of Seychelles constitutes 155 granitic and coralline islands spread across more than a million square kilometres of the Indian Ocean. Only 40 of the islands are inhabited.

The remoteness of the archipelago has ensured the preservation of many species of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth. The various islands are home to a high number of endemic species found both above and underwater.

Seychelles is characterised by turquoise seas lapping at the shores of pristine white, sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation. Avid nature lovers, explorers and those passionate about fishing or diving need look no further than this island paradise. Despite early human habitation causing the extinction of certain animal and plant species, the Seychelles today is one of the best-regarded countries for its conservation initiatives.

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The beaches are uncrowded and unspoilt with clear, blue waters and white sand, granite boulders and lush vegetation. High rising, vegetated mountains take off from the beaches, while coral reefs are alive with multi-coloured fish species and giant corals.

Biking is a popular form of transport especially on the smaller islands where guests are able to explore the outdoor beauty of the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is a world leader in sustainable tourism. The country holds a record for the highest percentage of land under natural conservation, which stands at nearly 50% of the total land area.

Bird Island, located close to Mahe, is one of the most interesting coralline islands to visit. As one could guess, Bird Island is home to hundreds of birds, flocking to the fish frenzy along the island's coasts.

North Island is located on the granitic North Island, 32km northwest of Mahe Island, and 5km north of Silhouette Island. There are no other hotels or resorts in sight, so guests can enjoy exclusive use of the island.

Le Domaine  is situated on a peak surrounded by massive granite rocks. It has 55 villas located a few steps away from the famous Anse Severe beach.

La Reserve boasts 40 rooms, all facing the sea. Accommodation at la Reserve is individually decorated with a Creole feel. The rooms are furnished with local artist paintings on the wall, king sized four poster beds and wooden furniture.

Constance Lemuria Resort is a five-star resort located near Praslin Island in Seychelles. The resort is surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful views of the Indian Ocean waters, splashing on the borders of the resort.

How to Get There

The Seychelles is an island republic made up of 155 islands, only 40 of which are inhabited. The capital city, Victoria, lies in the northeast of the biggest island, Mahe. This is the international portal for the islands, seeing all the comings and goings of visitors via the Seychelles International Airport.

Sun Safaris will book their guests on a flight landing at Seychelles International, located 11km from Victoria City. The domestic terminal is within walking distance of the international terminal at the airport.

Should guests be connecting with an inter-island flight, they will connect with a scheduled light air transfer to their destination from the domestic terminal on Mahe. Alternatively, Sun Safaris will arrange for guests to travel to their destination island via ferry, which departs regularly from Mahe. Upon arrival at destination island, guests will connect with arranged road transfer to the place of accommodation.

Seychelles Activities

With breath-taking beaches, a collection of colourful coral reefs, mountain outcrops and indigenous fauna and flora, this is paradise in a nutshell. Choose to go sea kayaking, or snorkelling, among a variety of water activities.

Slightly more adventurous, but certainly worth the effort is scuba diving, which is offered to qualified visitors, while many resorts offer dive instruction courses. Explore the island on your own, work up a sweat in the gym or take a boat trip to any of the nearby islands.

The entertainment culture of the Seychelles is mixed, combining a taste for various types of music and dance. There is a wide variety of restaurants, but traditionally the food eaten on the islands consists of fresh fish and rice dishes. Fishing is a part of the local culture and daily meals include linefish on the menu. Guests will enjoy the abundance of secluded fishing spots and the hours of quiet that are involved with the patient sport of fishing.

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