Caiman Ecological Refuge
Caiman Ecological Refuge

Caiman Ecological Refuge

An ecological refuge located on a working cattle ranch, with plenty of wildlife activities and ongoing conservation projects. A sense of luxury on 53, 000 hectares of wilderness.

Caiman Ecological Refuge Highlights

A wildlife-rich region located in Brazil, the Pantanal is a world-heritage site with a unique ecosystem. It has its own seasons, defined by a water cycle that brings an emergence of seasonal fauna and flora. The Caiman Ecological Refuge in the southern Pantanal forms part of the diverse nature that it’s surrounded by, and lives the culture of sustainability.

The Caiman offers a sense of luxury in one of the world’s top safari destinations. Not only is it an incredible eco lodge, but it also has an array of conservation projects. A few of these ongoing projects include the conservation of the Pantanal jaguars (Onçafari), monitoring of the hyacinth macaws, and research and registration of blue fronted parrot numbers.

There are 3 principle initiatives on the property which are : raising livestock, ecotourism and conservation in 53, 000 hectares of wild terrain.

3 lodgings are available at Caiman, each with a contrasting infrastructure. In total, there are 26 rooms across the board. The Baiazinha Lodge is a bird-shaped country house overlooking a bay of crystalline waters. Rooms have a deck with hammocks, and the main area has a refreshing swimming pool. The contemporary and modern Cordilheira Lodge is immersed in nature, with one side of the lodge facing a mountain range and the other facing the waterways. On the grounds of the lodge there is a pool that spills out into the Pantanal’s pristine environment. The main lodge comprises the owner’s house and an old farmhouse; and is the easiest lodge to access via the main safari roads.

In terms of activities, they are all focused around wildlife and eco-tourism. You can expect off-road safaris, bike rides, canoeing, cultural tours and nocturnal spotlight tours.

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Useful Information
  • Support a number of ongoing conservation projects such as the hyacinth macaw and blue fronted parrot initiative.
  • Located on a working cattle ranch in 53 000 hectares of Pantanal wilderness.
  • This is the place to get involved in responsible ecotourism.
  • A choice of accommodation types, suiting a variety of travellers.
  • Excursions into the Pantanal are accompanied by “Guias de Campo”, local guides who have an extensive knowledge of the area.
  • The highest concentration of birds in South America reside in this part of the Pantanal.

Caiman Ecological Refuge Activities

The Caiman Ecological Refuge is the ideal base for wildlife, ecotourism and conservation activities. Like most lodges within the Pantanal, activities tend to focus on spotting wildlife. The most popular safari is the off road jeep safari that heads into the less explored areas of the Pantanal. There are nocturnal spotlight excursions that introduce you to the sights and sounds of the Pantanal at night - a vastly difference experience to the Pantanal by day.

Yet another way of exploring this diverse region is to take a guided bike ride, that is both informative and relaxing. You decide on the route and distance!

In keeping with the adventurous side of life, you can always indulge in a canoe trip to spot wildlife on the banks of the waterways.

If conservation is at the heart of your holiday experience, then it goes without saying that you need to join the hyacinth macaw and blue fronted parrot projects. The project team takes you out on a day of research to monitor birds and offspring.

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