Sala's Camp
Sala's Camp

Sala's Camp

A camp in prime migration territory, Sala’s Camp occupies its spot on a seasonal riverbank, far off the beaten track in the Masai Mara. Between June and October, it is one of the first camps to witness the masses of wildebeest on the move.

USD 900 + per person sharing per night
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Sala's Camp Highlights

Sala’s Camp has family and authenticity at its heart. It started out as a temporary site for the owners’ seasonal mobile safaris in the early 2000s, but its location was so good that it put permanent roots down in 2006. It was beautifully renovated and elevated to its current status in 2016, which is that of a luxurious, spacious, contemporary African retreat in a premier location in the Mara. When the herds of wildebeest start arriving in June, Sala’s has front row seats. Animals gather on the open plain across the Sand River, upon which the lodge is built, and the safari action unfolds right there.

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Useful Information
  • A family-friendly destination with suitable accommodation, a baby-minding service, and children’s entertainment.
  • Ideal location for the wildebeest migration, overlooking open, game-filled plains.
  • Seasonal riverbed in front of the lodge is perfect for volleyball games during the day and starry bush dinners in the evening.
  • Seven luxury rooms with private plunge pools, viewing decks, in-room lounges, ensuite bathrooms and copper tubs.
  • Environmentally friendly with full solar power installation.
  • Open from June to October and December to March.

Sala's Camp Activities

While the wildebeest migration is front and centre of the safari activities at Sala’s Camp, it is by no means the sole attraction. In December, elephants flock to the region and bring their giant, gentle presence to Sala’s. Game drives between December and March are full of magnificent elephant sightings, while June to mid-September is dominated by the migration. Due to Sala’s location in a private location near the confluence of the Keekorok and Sand Rivers in southern Masai Mara, it is among the first lodges to see the arrival of the herds. The Serengeti National Park is just south of its location and game viewing is nothing short of spectacular. Cheetahs hurtle across the plains, leopards use the riverbank to hide from unsuspecting prey, and prides of lion battle hyenas for prey. Sala’s also offers incredible bush dining experiences and hot-air balloon journeys through the sky.

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