Zagaia  Eco-resort Hotel
Zagaia Eco-resort Hotel

Zagaia Eco-resort Hotel

The Zagaia Eco-resort Hotel is like a mini-Bonito. Housed in the resort is a world of wonder and entertainment. The resort has on-site waterfalls, tropical swimming pools and jungle gardens.

Zagaia Eco-resort Hotel Highlights

Bonito is a relatively unknown area that plays host to geographical wonders. It's a top eco destination and is - quite frankly - heaven on earth. Crystalline rivers, caving, snorkelling in rivers and swimming in sinkholes are just a few of the things to enjoy in this unique Brazilian paradise.

The Zagaia Eco-resort Hotel is a world in itself. Situated on the outskirts of the Bonito village, this entire resort is basically a miniature Bonito with its own on-site waterfalls, wet bar, tropical swimming pools, and sand volleyball area. The 4 swimming pools are the greatest source of entertainment for adults and children alike.

The resort is perfectly placed in the midst of tropical gardens and is surrounded by lush landscapes. There's certainly no shortage of water in this area, and that's because the Formoso River cuts through the fertile surrounds, providing plenty of scope for water-babies to play. Most of the activities in the area centre around the crystalline aquarium like waters of the river and exploring the various lakes and lagoons of the area. There's snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, rappelling in caves and guided walks that can all be arranged directly from the hotel’s very own travel centre.

When you're done with your busy schedule of day tours, do find time to spend at the resort. You simply have to test out the soothing hydromassage in the gardens! After a refreshing session of rejuvenating both body and mind, it's advised to wander down to the restaurant where you have the option of sampling regional cheese bread, grilled fish and local fruits.

In total there are 152 rooms and expansive apartments, all decorated in cheerful colours and finished off with simple woods. In the rooms - and reception area - there is plenty of local artwork from the Kadiwéu people.

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Useful Information
  • A family orientated resort offering a playground, kid's swimming pool and family suites.
  • Scavenger hunts for children.
  • Plenty to do on the property - a world of activities.
  • The sauna at the resort has panoramic views of the surrounds.
  • Surrounded by lush gardens and forest.
  • There are macaws and parakeets constantly flying around the resort.
  • Small lagoon on the property teeming with fish.
  • Night walks around the resort where you will see giant anteaters and owls.
  • Hydro massages in the gardens of Zagaia.
  • Nature trails, soccer and volleyball fields at the hotel.
  • 40 tours options that can be arranged from the travel centre at the resort.
  • The local Bonito airport is only 20 km from the lodge.
  • For 16 years running, Bonito has won the “Best Ecotourism Destination of Brazil”.
  • Top tours in the area include : snorkelling tours in clear waters, boating and canoeing.
  • Diving in the unique abyss in a cave is also worth signing up for.

Zagaia Eco-resort Hotel Activities

Bonito is home of adventure activities and outdoor pursuits. Listed as one of the most ecologically significant areas in Brazil, Bonito certainly impresses in terms of activity offerings.

The Zagaia Resort offers its own playground of things to do on the property, which includes : sand volleyball courts, 2 soccer fields, tennis courts and mini golf. There’s even quad biking, sports fishing, guided nature trails and a unique hydromassage in the surrounding gardens. At night you are welcome to walk around the grounds to spot owls and giant anteaters. The lagoon on the property is teeming with fish and makes for the perfect swimming spot.

There are many external day tours that can be arranged via the travel desk at the resort. The most popular is the river snorkelling in sections of river that look like an aquarium. You can choose the length of snorkel excursion. There’s also boating, stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing options. Indulge in a bit of lunch at the waterfalls - the falls are yet another scenic wonder of the area.

Do visit the geographical marvel - a lagoon at the bottom of an abyss with crystal clear waters. Dive between 20 metre high limestone cones in Bonito’s abyss,a tour that's limited to 18 tourists a day.

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