Jardin du Roy
Jardin du Roy

Jardin du Roy

Jardin du Roy is a French-owned guesthouse near Ranohira, close to the entrance to Isalo National Park in southern Madagascar. Natural elements used in the construction of the building echo the beautiful environment of the hotel grounds.

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Jardin du Roy Highlights

Jardin du Roy is a French-owned guesthouse near Ranohira, close to the entrance to Parc National d’Isalo (Isalo National Park), in the southern region of Madagascar. Built from granite to blend in with the landscape, the main lodge looks down over a long stretch of lawn, which ends in towering sandstone cliffs. Offering recreational amenities onsite, as well as the recommended trip to Isalo National Park; Jardin du Roy is perfect for a few nights in southern Madagascar.

Four villa-style buildings, situated on the edges of the extensive lawn, house the 22 luxury rooms. The tasteful interiors echo the landscape outside, with polished wooden floors, granite walls and deep red fabrics reflecting the bougainvillea in the garden. All of the rooms have a small private patio from where guests can relax with a book or a camera and watch the colourful light of the sunset be absorbed by the cliffs ahead. To one side of the lawn a rough pathway runs through the kopjes to nine low, round bungalows built in a clearing amongst the rocks. These are slightly smaller than the luxury rooms, but still very aesthetically pleasing with natural stone walls, thatched roofs and the crimson bougainvillea growing around the doors.

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Useful Information
  • Situated just outside Isalo National Park.
  • Luxury and comfortable room types available.
  • Offers onsite tennis court, swimming pool, massages.
  • Superb local and international cuisine served at the hotel restaurant.

Jardin du Roy Activities

Jardin du Roy houses a sizeable swimming pool, a tennis court and horse riding facilities, which guests can arrange for an afternoon of entertainment at and around the lodge. A welcoming bar invites guests ro enjoy a refreshing drink, while the dining room entices the appetite with its tasteful position surrounding a central fireplace. Meals are a blend of local and international cuisine, particularly inspired by the French. Visit Isalo National Park, which comprises 80,000 hectares of untamed wilderness of rivers, mountains and valleys. It is home to some of Madagascar’s most stunning scenery, and is a sacred place for the Bara tribe, whose burial sites are marked by mounds of tiny stones placed in crevices in the rock face. In the Park, guests will see the lemurs, chameleons and baobabs this country is so famous for. Often referred to as Jurassic Park, Isalo is dominated by an ancient rock massif that creates an unusual rocky landscape, producing natural pools that guests are encouraged to bathe in.

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