Ponta d'Ouro
Ponta d'Ouro

Ponta d'Ouro

Ponta d'Ouro is a town in the extreme south of Mozambique, lying on the Mozambique Channel only 10km north of South Africa. In Ponta d'Ouro guests will be astounded by the natural beauty of the white beaches, dense dune forests, incredible diving and an ever-stretching azure sea.

Ponta d'Ouro Highlights

Ponta d'Ouro is a town in the extreme south of Mozambique, lying on the Mozambique Channel 120km south of Maputo and only 10km north of the border with South Africa. It is known for its perfect beaches, its dolphin interaction, and for its offshore diving and deep-sea fishing. From other points in Mozambique, Ponta d'Ouro can only be reached by a 4x4 vehicle as there are no tarred roads.

Visitors at Ponta d'Ouro will be astounded by the natural beauty of the white beaches, dense dune forests, incredible diving and an ever-stretching azure sea. There is a much-appreciated element of tradition with local markets and 'cantinas' (little shops), with eager merchants and enthusiastic residents always willing to interact with visitors to their home town.

Ponto d'Ouro averages temperatures of about 28 degrees Celcius all year round, reaching closer to 30 degrees in the hot summer months, and provides conditions suitable for scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing all year round.

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Useful Information

Ponta do Ouro is classified as a low risk malaria area. It is an easily accessible and widely appreciated holiday location for many South Africans, as well as visitors from further away.

There is a curio market that sells lovely handmade products. The market and traditional villages in Ponta d'Ouro are energetic and interesting to visit, offering a cultural spin on a beach holiday.

Surfers and divers flock to this turquoise sea of unspoiled coral reefs that support an abundance of marine life. The low-key resorts here offer diving equipment so that anyone can take an impulsive plunge into the blue.

There is big conservation consciousness at Ponta d'Ouro and guests are reminded to treat the area with care. There are no 'destructive' activities on offer, which excludes jet-skiing, beach 4x4s and quad bikes.

Tartaruga Maritime is a luxury tented camp providing for self-catering guests in one of Mozambique's prime diving spots. Tartaruga Maritima accomodates in wooden, stilted bunglows; each set up with private viewing decks and offering the perfect beach-front destination. Alongside Ponta Malongane, this private and exclusive self-catering luxury tented camp offers comfort, privacy and tranquillity to the discerning nature lover and adventurer.

Tree Tops is a luxury lodge situated in the bay of Ponta Malongane, 8km north of Ponta d'Ouro in southern Mozambique. It is nestled amongst the dune forests with a breath-taking sea view to the east and beautiful views of the wetland lakes to the west. It offers the discerning traveller unprecedented natural beauty, top notch service and an experience not to be forgotten

How to Get there

Most flights into Mozambique land in the largest and capital city, Maputo. Maputo International Airport receives regular flights from South Africa, however, should guests be adding Mozambique as a destination after an East Africa safari, there are private charter flights available from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Nairobi in Kenya.

There are also direct flights from South Africa to the Bazaruto Archipelago in the centre of Mozambique and the Quirimbas Archipelago in the far north. Sun Safaris will arrange whichever flights into the country best suit guests' itineraries.

Self-driving from South Africa to Mozambique is an option and is often an option for local holiday-makers. The road from Johannesburg, via Nelspruit, to Mozambique is in good condition and well-tarred. Should guests be flying to their destination, Sun Safaris will arrange for light air or road transfers from Maputo to booked accommodation.

Ponta d'Ouro Activities

The Dolphin experience in Ponta d'Ouro is not to be missed. Run by a team of passionate conservationists, the experience of swimming with dolphins stands out at one of those rare, majestic moments. Diving, which of course is what Ponta d'Ouro is known for, is readily on offer with diving gear being provided for, making this wonderful underwater experience easy to organise.

On land, there is a scenic 4X4 route conducted through incredible, dense forest areas, allowing guests to bear witness to the glorious birdlife and surrounding flora. Getting around in Ponta is generally only done on foot, unless you have a 4WD.

Maputo Elephant Reserve is some 50km north of Ponta d'Ouro. This can be a very special experience, however, guests must be reminded that the elephants are wild animals, and it is best to expect that they are not tame. There are also duikers and other small antelope on the reserve, as well as hippos and crocodiles. Of course, a trip to Ponta d'Ouro would not be complete without the thrill of deep-sea fishing. For some real indulgence, guests can enjoy some authentic food at one of Ponta d'Ouro's restaurants, or watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand.

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