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Kalamu Trails

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

From: USD 450 - 600 per person sharing per night

Kalamu Trails
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Kalamu Trails Highlights

Kalamu Trails is situated in the Luamfwa area in South Luangwa in Zambia; a unique experience ideal for the devoted safari guests looking for an adventurous and traditional safari experience. It promises to be one of the greatest wildlife experiences Africa has to offer. Kalamu Trails offers a close to nature wildlife experience taking you back to grass roots level.

What Sun Safaris Says

  • Kalamu Walking Trail allows safari goers to experience the thrill, majesty and pristine nature of the Luangwa wilderness on foot.
  • Nights are spent at the unique Chinengwe Riverbed Camp and Kalamu Star-bed Camp.
  • This trail greatly enhances a stay at Kalamu Lagoon Camp.

Kalamu Trails Description

The Kalamu Trails experience consists of one night on Kalamu Star Bed platforms and the next night at Chinengwe River Bed Camp. Guests are not limited to walking only there will be some opportunity for game drives as well. The safari is ideal for guests seeking a physical challenge, however also available to the non-fit guests. The itinerary begins with departure from Kalamu Lagoon Camp where guests may overnight if they wish to do so prior to starting the Trails adventure; cross the river into the Wilderness area and walk to Kalamu Star Bed Platforms. Arrival will be in time for brunch, followed by an afternoon of relaxation before an afternoon bush walk or game drive. The next morning a walk or game drive will take place, followed by brunch. That afternoon, guests will walk to Chinengwe River Bed camp for an overnight stay. On your last day guests can choose to either walk or drive back to Kalamu Lagoon where they can overnight again, or depart.

Kalamu Trails Game Viewing and Activities

The Luamfwa area is known to offer the best walking destination in Africa, guests visiting Kalamu in the South Luangwa National Park have the choice to explore the Luangwa riverine vegetation and adjacent dambos on guided walks and game drives. The highest concentration of wildlife is found along the Luangwa River and its rich vegetation. There are herds of elephant and buffalo, as well as dominant antelope species such as impala and puku. Other antelope include common waterbuck, bushbuck, eland, kudu, grysbok, oribi, reedbuck, Lichtenstein's hartebeest, sable and roan. Species such as Thornicroft's giraffe and Cookson's wildebeest occur nowhere else on the planet and the area's leopard viewing is legendary. The major predators are lion, leopard, spotted hyaena and wild dogs. The dry season along the Luangwa River when all game is forced to congregate along its banks as water resources dwindle elsewhere, is an experience everyone should indulge in. High-density hippo populations dot the riverbanks while yellow baboon and Defassa waterbuck provide a contrast to their southern cousins.

Kalamu Trails Gallery


Kalamu Trails
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