4 Wildlife and Environment Awareness Days to Mark on the Calendar

Throughout the year we take time to create awareness about the various critically endangered species that once roamed our planet in abundance. These are the animals that now face extinction due to habitat loss, poaching, misguided belief systems, population increase and natural causes. There are specific dates of the year designed to celebrate individual species.  The more awareness we create, both online and offline, the more educated the masses become towards making a shift in their mindset and their actions.

There are 4 wildlife and environment awareness days that resonate with us, which we’ve listed below.

There are a number of ways of helping to conserve the planet and its natural wild inhabitants. Legitimate organisations have been set-up to help conserve wildlife. You can help by making a financial donation or offering up your time for volunteer purposes. There are even options to create your own event, and ample opportunity to start online petitions. Social media campaigns also have a key role to play in ensuring global consciousness.

The below dates are 4 wildlife and environment awareness days to mark on your calendar.

Lions at Africa on Foot
Lions at Africa on Foot

World Lion Day

Lions have a regal nature and certainly exude a sense of power. They portray all that is powerful, brave and strong. The males are our kings and our females the fearless warriors. They are the kings of the jungle and the guardians of the universe and are one of the world’s most iconic species.

The lion is part of our heritage, and Global Lion Day is a reason to celebrate the presence of the lion worldwide. Lions happen to be one of the big five animals in Africa, and they’re commonly spotted throughout reserves and concessions. Despite being spotted on a regular basis, their numbers are on the decline, and it’s estimated that fewer than 20, 000 lions remain free in the wild.

Date: 10 August
Information: World Lion Day
How to Help: Organise a fundraising event, show your support for lions on Facebook and Twitter, or donate to dedicated organisations. For more information on ways and means of helping, click here.

Sun Safaris Save Lions

World Pangolin Day

The pangolin (scaly anteater) is one of the most critically endangered species in the world. This prehistoric looking creature is immensely shy and is rarely seen. Their body is covered in scales made from keratin, which gives the impression of being covered in protective armour. When under threat, the pangolin tends to curl up into a defensive ball position. The pangolin’s main threat is humans. There is a demand from China for scales which are used in all sorts of mythical medicine, and pangolin flesh is also considered a delicacy in Vietnam.

Pangolin numbers are rapidly declining in Asia and Africa. There are actually 8 species of pangolin, and all classified as “threatened with extinction” by IUCN. 2 species are classified as critically endangered.

Date: Third Sat in Feb
Information: World Pangolin Day
How to Help: You can support legitimate organisations that aid pangolin conservation efforts. Once again, this would involve donations.

World Pangolin Day

Earth Day

Earth Day was started in 1970 as a reaction to the negative impacts of various industries. Plenty of smog and heavy pollution hung in the air, affecting the health of the population below. Each year there is a different theme, and this year the theme is reducing our use of plastic. Earth Day is now a global event that sees over 192 countries participating. Marching, petitions, planting trees, beach clean-ups, and city clean-ups are just a few of the ways to conserve the planet.

Date: 22 April
Information: Earth Day
How to Help: Be the change. Reduce plastic use. Make eco-bricks. Recycle. Educate others. Reduce your carbon footprint. It’s easy to do your bit.

Earth Day Posters Plastics in Ocean Earth Day Protect Mother Earth

Save the Rhino Day

South Africa has a high concentration of rhino, making it a sought after destination for the illegal rhino horn trade. In the past decade, over  7000 rhino have been poached. The good news? Poaching has not escalated, but the losses are still extremely high. Unfortunately, poachers are now moving across borders and infiltrating reserves in neighbouring countries.

Date: 1 May
Information: Save the Rhino Foundation
How to Help: Fundraise, volunteer, donate and become a member of the Rhino community.

Save the Rhinos

Rhino darting at Kwandwe