Giraffe Necking Duel in Kruger


Bull giraffe are not violent by nature but certainly have a protective instinct when their young are under threat. By nature, they are not territorial like many of the cat species and they move from one location to the next in search of cows on heat. The only antagonism that arises between giraffe bulls is when a hierarchy is being established, or they are protecting a female in estrus.

Guests may come across two giraffe necking in a rhythmic and graceful manner. This is not a mating dance but in fact a duel. Giraffe are not violent, predatory animals but rather gentle herbivores. Seeing bachelor giraffe go neck and neck in a duel is a placid affair to witness. The aim here is for the bull to thrust his horns onto his enemy’s body, defend himself and mimic the oppositions movements. With these interactions a type of dance ensues.

Jochen is based at Africa on Foot in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and captured this Giraffe Necking Duel on camera.

















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