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Namibia: The Guardians

Namibia; a country wide conservation success story.

The World Wild Life Fund and the Namibian Government have been working together to create conservation initiatives in Namibia. Wildlife protection has even been written into the Namibian Constitution and laws. Wildlife is not contained in Namibia, the animals roam freely in most parts of the country. This includes predators like lions. Small local communities have always seen these predators as pests who creep in at night and take their livestock away for food. By working and educating local communities on the need to protect and conserve these predators, most of these local communities have embraced these conservation practises.  Communities have understood that wildlife brings tourism which brings in tourism dollars.  Communities are working together with conservation officers to increase numbers of endangered animals and to educate communities on how to protect livestock and crops.

The WWF has compiled this info page to show exactly what they are doing in Namibia, and here is a video on how mindsets have been shifted amongst locals.

Namibia: The Terrace Male
The “Terrace Male”, also currently being spotted by the Lion Rangers in conservancies, has travelled unbelievable distances, even crossing the border into Angola. © Felix Vallat – Desert Lion Conservation