greater Kruger rocks, Five reasons greater Kruger rocks

Five reasons greater Kruger rocks

Having recently been on a week-long safari in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, I can safely say that greater Kruger National Park is the place to be for an intimate safari that allows you to reconnect with nature… and yourself. Here are a few reasons greater Kruger harbours an authentic safari experience that rocks.

1. Location, location, location

greater Kruger rocks, Five reasons greater Kruger rocks
As part of the big five – lion roam the plains of greater Kruger.

Associated Private Nature Reserves teamed up with Kruger National Park to create greater Kruger National Park as a conservation venture. For that reason, greater Kruger shares unfenced borders with the official national park. This makes the area big five territory, where all wildlife are free to roam from park to reserves and back. That’s exactly where you want to be on a safari.

2. Uncrowded sightings

greater Kruger rocks, Five reasons greater Kruger rocks
Guests spot a lion roaring while on a game drive.

A lioness takes down a buffalo. Greater Kruger guests will witness the event in awe while the game ranger calls in the action over a networked radio system to alert nearby camps. Over the next few days, camps will respectfully ensure that there are no more than two game drive vehicles at a sighting at one point in time. It’s such a simple rule and yet lends to such intimate viewing experiences. It means you don’t have to share your lion encounter with 100 other people as you would in the main Kruger National Park region. There’s no disrespectful hooting from rude travellers, no vehicles in the way of your perfect photo, no queue of cars waiting for you to experience the magic of nature quickly…so that they can have their turn.

In greater Kruger you’re afforded time to absorb nature at its own pace with a small group of people. You get to watch a far-too-full lion as it lays on its side, its breath short and fast because it’s gorged itself so full of buffalo that its stomach now occupies lung space. You get to
experience it all without distractions.

3. Quality accommodation

greater Kruger rocks, Five reasons greater Kruger rocks
Accommodation at nThambo Tree Camp

Kruger’s private nature reserves do whatever they can to ensure guests enjoy a peaceful safari, where cleanliness, comfort and relaxation are at the top of the priority list. Friendly staff compliment the effort poured into room preparation; well at least as I experienced it at nDzuti, Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

4. Dirt road 4×4 safari experience

There’s something special about hopping in a 4×4 and having a game ranger weave the hardy vehicle through nature’s garden on an earthy dirt road. That’s exactly what you get 90% of the time when in greater Kruger – a naturally harmonious game drive where you get to experience African soil without man-made paths or structures.

5. Peace and quiet

greater Kruger rocks, Five reasons greater Kruger rocks
There’s nothing to do but absorb nature at your own pace from your accommodation.

Kruger National Park is an extremely popular South African attraction, with travellers from all across the globe visiting its soil. From international backpackers and families on budget getaways, to South African locals and adventure-seeking couples – there are countless travellers zipping in and out of rest camps within the main Kruger borders. Greater Kruger on the other hand enjoys a slower pace, giving you the chance to enjoy a tranquil getaway, where you can soak up the rhythm of nature.

What’s not to love about greater Kruger?