5 Ways You Can be a Part of World Lion Day 2013

Over the last few months, Sun Safaris has taken various steps toward contributing to the welfare of lions in Africa. In assisting the organisations that make it their duty to facilitate action that stands against poaching, retaliatory killings, trophy hunting and habitat loss, we can collectively help in the prevention of lion extinction – a reality we will face in the next 10-15 years should we not step in now.

In the name of ultimate lion awareness, World Lion Day was established and, for the first time, will be marked this Saturday 10th August. It has, over the last few months, gathered a stellar cast of conservation organisations reigning from various places on the globe. All in the name of safeguarding the future existence of the King of Beasts, these organisations, have brainstormed interesting ways to get people involved. Education and awareness lead the way in ensuring the long term survival of lions, but what is needed most urgently at this initial stage is funding.

Male World Lion Day
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World Lion Day is the first global movement to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of the lion on Earth. Here is a list of 5 ways that you, in places all over the world, can contribute to the biggest collaborative effort to give our lions a chance at longevity.

1) ‘Find Your Pride’: Sefton Park bandstand, Liverpool, England.

African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) is holding a charity fun day to raise awareness about the issues that are bringing the threat of extinction dangerously close. Children will be entertained as they set off in search of a number of toy lions hidden around Sefton Park on World Lion Day. Take part in the fun quiz, get little faces painted and enter an exciting raffle, which gives you a chance of winning tickets to see The Lion King performance! As you walk away with a goody bag, World Lion Day ensures that all funds raised will go towards ALERT and their continuous efforts to save the lion.

2) Tracking lions with rangers: Mkulumadzi Lodge, Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi.

A year ago, almost to the day, the Majete Wildlife Reserve received a number of lions in a wildlife relocation project that saw this area become Malawi’s first to boast the Big 5. In recognition of this and to celebrate World Lion Day, Mkulumadzi Lodge in the Majete Reserve is offering its guests the opportunity to track these lions in the company of the experienced rangers (10 & 11 August). An exceptional opportunity to learn about the intricate behaviour of these animal kingdom leaders in addition to tracking their location and heading out to find them on a game drive. An incredibly rewarding and memorable experience. For every guest that participates in this on-foot safari adventure, Robin Pope Safaris will donate to the African Parks organisation, which takes vast strides in protecting Africa’s lions.

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3) Shenzi the Travelling Lion: Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

For travellers departing Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on 10th August 2013, this one is for you. Shenzi the Lion could be your travelling companion, accompanying you to your destination and spreading the word about how important it is to help conserve lions. Shenzi is a toy lion named after a lion cub who lives in the AfriCat North facility after her mother was killed by farmers in Namibia. The aim is to send SPOTS Foundation’s Shenzi from one traveller to another, taking her and her message all over the world. Be a part of her send off at Schiphol airport this Saturday and do your part to create awareness for our lions.

4) Walking for Lions: Zambezi Tollgate, Pretoria, South Africa.

Walking for Lions, a group of committed individuals, use the simple act of walking, united, for a voice that needs to be heard. Earlier this year this small group walked from Windhoek, Namibia, to Chanzi, Botswana – an exhausting 530km! For World Lion Day on 10th August, Walking for Lions will be setting off from the Zambezi Tollgate in Pretoria and striding toward Rust de Winter Reserve in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join the movement for a fee of R200, which will contribute directly to this group’s efforts to conserve Africa’s lions. A sense of community and a physical challenge that, taking place on a day of global lion awareness, is a memorable, participatory event that has the power to influence the survival of our Big Cat.

5) TOSCO Win a Safari Competition: Windhoek, Namibia.

Although this fantastic competition is hosted by TOSCO Trust (Tourism Supporting Conservation) whose headquarters are located in Windhoek, it can be entered by anyone, anywhere in the world. The simple entry process is designed to spread awareness about how we can protect lions, as education can be the most powerful tool in wide-scale conservation. The reward for merely entering the competition is mouth-watering: a 2-night, fully inclusive, luxury safari for 2 at Damaraland Camp in Namibia’s north western region, valued at N$15, 000. Namibia’s desert-roaming lions have stood against the odds, overcoming a very near extinction merely 20 years ago. This prize is worth fighting for and all you need to do is the following:

  • Like TOSCO on Facebook.
  • Forward this competition to at least 5 friends.
  • Name 2 organisations you can support for lion conservation in Namibia. (The answer can be found on the World Lion Day website or on TOSCO Trust’s website).
  • Send your answer by e-mail to info@tosco.org with the subject line “World Lion Day Competition”. (Entries must include your full name, e-mail address and a contact number. The competition closes on Saturday 10 August 2013).
  • The prize will be awarded to one of the senders with the correct answer after the closing date.
Cub World Lion Day
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A range of options offers almost everyone the chance to be involved in the dedicated fight to stop the loss of lions through hunting, habitat loss, human-lion conflict and product trade in the East. It is a fight with an outcome that will affect the future of our planet. It depends on each and everyone of us to do whatever we can to raise funds, spread awareness, educate and participate in movements to contribute to conservation. World Lion Day is the first of its kind and, this Saturday, 10th August 2013 is the first day of many that we plan to celebrate our commitment to protecting Africa’s biggest cat.

Contact us for any guidance or assistance in partaking in the above-mentioned events and competitions. We would gladly facilitate your engagement with the day dedicated to saving our lions.

Chloe Cooper

Image courtesy Wilderness Safaris