Client Feedback : Family Safari at Honeyguide Khoka Moya

Natasha booked the perfect Kruger family safari for Thomas Lotz, and it proved to be a “roaring” success. The Lotz family experienced an idyllic safari in big 5 territory at Honeyguide Khoka Moya, which is located in the Manyeleti Game Reserve. They saw all of the big 5 while out on game drive. Seems like this was the perfect family safari at Honeyguide Khoka Moya!

Here Natasha’s client feedback : 

Honeyguide Khoka Moya was good. We were the only guests when we came, even the days before it was apparently empty. Staff were very attentive and we felt taken care of. Our safari guide was also great. We saw all big 5 (both at Honeyguide and Kruger). The highlight was on the last drive. We saw a leopard mum with her cub. Just a few meters away from us on a tree log!



Guest Photos from Thomas Lotz and Family : 

Leopards in Manyaleti Leopard Spotting at Manyaleti The Lotz Family on Safari

Honeyguide Khoka Moya Images : 

Honeyguide Khoka Moya Honeyguide Khoka Moya Manyeleti Honeyguide Main Area