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Client Feedback : Namibia Safari and Victoria Falls

Client Feedback : Namibia Safari and Victoria Falls

Liselle has a knack for arranging the ultimate African safari experience. Carefully she crafts the perfect luxury itineraries, ensuring her guests return time and again. She advised her clients to stay at Wolwedans Dunes Lodge in the remarkable Soussusvlei area in Namibia for their Namibia Safari, and the family-run Bayete Guest Lodge in the world-renown Victoria Falls. Liselle combined their Namibia and Victoria Falls with a brief stay at the Belvedere Boutique Hotel in Windhoek.

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Here is their feedback : 

Dear Liselle,

Thank you very much for your email and for following up after our journey.

We will begin by thanking you for all your hard work and suggestions. We had a wonderful experience on our Namibia Safari and in Zimbabwe.

  1. We are so glad we listened to you and stayed at Wolwedans. The staff was very nice, professional, and paid attention to detail. In the restaurant, special thanks go to Beatriz and Tabea for making our evenings pleasant. We would recommend Wolwedans to friends. As a matter of fact, I need to get in touch with Virginia Esposito as she wants to hear about our trip and possibly plan a trip to Namibia.
  2. Getting the car rental and driving from Windhoek to the Wolwedans proved that our sense of direction (with the help of GPS) is not that bad. Furthermore, wherever we stopped for refuelling and stretch our legs, we found out that locals were very friendly and helpful.
  3. The hot air balloon and the view from it was spectacular and well worth getting up early in the morning to see the sunrise
  4. We managed to book a Sossusvlei and Deadvlei drive from the Wolwedans, and have to say that the drive and visit to both “valleys” were very impressive
  5. Overall, the lodge, with a suitable setting to relaxing and the while life around it (mostly oryks and zebras) made the trip extra special.
  6. While in Windhoek, our stay at the Belvedere Boutique Hotel was also pleasant. We liked that it was a small and laid back place but very professional at the same time. Toward the end of our trip, we found out that the Naankuse Lodge which is located between Windhoek and the airport offers day gaming activities. This lodge could also be an alternative to travelers before they begin their 4×4 trip to the dunes
  7. As for Zimbabwe, our plain ride was smooth, a representative from Wild Horizons was waiting for us, who transported us to Bayette Lodge. The setting of the Lodge is very pleasant. The rooms were simple but clean.
  8. We found out that Victoria Falls was more than the falls, we took a sunset boat ride of the Zambesi river and visited a rescued elephant farm
  9. Finally, our ride from Zimbabwe through the border with Botswana was also very smooth and made it in good time to relax in our lodge in Kasane where we continued with the second leg of our trip.

We are very pleased with all your work, suggestions, and for that matter with Sun Safaris.

Below, a visit to the elephant farm (Tatiana, Tom, me, Angelo)

Have a great day and will look forward to another trip arranged by you.


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