What to Wear on Safari in Uganda

You’ve booked your adventurous safari and trekking holiday to the verdant emerald Pearl of Africa, Uganda. And now it’s time figure out what to wear on safari in Uganda. At Sun Safaris we’re certainly don’t proclaim to be fashionistas, or experts in outdoor gear, but our team has been on safari in Uganda and knows a thing or two about the appropriate attire. What to wear on safari in Uganda is entirely dependent on the region you visit, and your safari activity of choice. Your holiday wardrobe for Queen Elizabeth National Park is slightly different to the kit needed for gorilla trekking in the mind-blowing Bwindi. Just bear in mind that you are in tropical Africa, and in a country with contrasting scenes and climates. Be prepared.

* Please avoid packing camo gear, it’s seen as military issue attire and shows little respect for the locals. Be subtle with your dress sense – and sensible.

North Face Trousers North Face Long Sleeve Top

What to Wear on Safari in National Parks

The national parks in Uganda suffer from extremes in temperature, so you’ll need to check the average temperature of the season and pack accordingly. Most of the time you are in sitting in an open game viewer, or on a boat cruise in the evening. the safari in National Parks is more sedentary so you won’t need those tough-as-nails hiking boots.

  • Pack neutral colour, comfortable clothes. Nothing tight.
  • Your lodge will probably have a swimming pool, so pack the bathing suits, shorts and flip flops for around the lodge.
  • Sunblock, wide-brimmed hats, caps and sunglasses
  • Pack comfortable walking shoes – active wear shoes in greens/olives/neutral. You won’t be running, hiking, but might be encouraged to enjoy a quick stroll.
  • Scarf, beanie and jacket for cold weather and chilly mornings.
  • Light fleece long tops, shirts and water resistant windbreakers
  • Lightweight trousers are better than shorts. They protect against mosquitoes and annoying bugs.
  • Avoid too much navy blue – it actually attracts mosquitoes and Tsetse flies. Red is too garish for wildlife – leave that at home!
  • Ensure you invest in a technical, long sleeve safari shirt that has an anti insect repellent.
  • Clothes become incredibly sticky and sweaty, so make sure you have plenty of climacool and cotton gear.

The National Parks can be hot, sticky, muggy and sometimes uncomfortable. Pack wisely.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

What to Wear Trekking in Jungle Regions

First off, the jungle regions are a LOT cooler than the safari regions – pleasantly so. For example, the Bwindi is located in a valley and carpets the slopes of the dormant volcanoes. Expect mist covered, moist mornings with a bite in the air. during the day it does heat up but often you’re trekking beneath a canopy of dew-covered trees. Jungle terrain can be swampy, wet and cool. You need to be prepared for this tricky terrain, which is a mix of thorns, nettles, hardy clothes-ripping brush, and gnarled vines covering the floor. There are also fire ants which are an absolute menace – they are incredibly painful. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS – cover the entire bottom half of your body, or you will regret it!

  • Waterproof hiking boots. Preferably ankle ones, and if not then you will need to invest in gators (material ankle guards). Boots must have traction – the trails are slippery.
  • Tough trousers that can withstand scratches from thorns.
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Clothing should be quick dry gear
  • Warm top – the elevation is quite high which means it gets cold.
  • Light rain jacket
  • Long socks (fire ant prevention)
  • Gardening gloves ! Yes, gardening gloves. Prickly vines and nettles are awful, and when you’re clambering up the trail it makes it easier to grip when you’re wearing gardening gloves!
  • For evening times at the lodge, it can be quite cold. Bring a jacket.
  • Neutral clothing is not as much as a necessity as it is in the National Parks, but keep it casual !

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What to Wear During City Stays

The cultures and customs in Africa are very different to the fast-paced, modern western world. In Kampala its hot, busy, jam-packed and sticky. But at the same time vibrant and so much happening at the various markets. Our advice to you is to be conservative and keep it understated – let the locals shine with their vibrant textiles !