Client Feedback : Family Safari to the Delightful Nambu Camp

Natasha’s clients stayed Nambu Camp in the Balule Nature Reserve, a camp that is fast becoming a favourite among visitors to the area. Personalised attention, fantastic atmosphere and exquisite cuisine are just a few hallmarks of this wonderful lodge in the Kruger. Even if there’s an issue, it’s tended to immediately. It’s all about attention to detail and prioritising guests’ needs, which Nambu excels at doing. 

Nambu Camp Client Feedback Nambu Family Holiday Giraffe at Nambu

Here is their feedback :

Dear Natasha

Sorry for late reply, but I have been very busy in the last days…

Nambu Camp was great, we have appreciated it a lot

We have had only one initial problem with the family of three people because the space in the room was very little and the extra bed extremely uncomfortable (with inflatable mattress).

Luckily the manager solved the problem changing their bed with a real one after few hours.

In general we really enjoyed our stay, in particular all restaurant staff  and Ranger (Stewart) ,were extremely kind and helpful

You can find some picture in attach

Thank you very much for your assistance

Kind Regards


Nambu Bathroom View Nambu Camp at the River Nambu Camp in Balule Nature Reserve Nambu Camp Dinner Nambu Camp Accommodation

Author: Carolynne Higgins

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