3 Unique Rhino Conservation Charities Needing Your Support

There are bundles of rhino conservation charities and organisations in need of your support. The rapid decline in population numbers has led to a global outcry against poachers, and an all out “silent” war is underway. Many brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect one of Africa’s iconic species. If rhino become extinct, there will be a new species that will be targeted under some tragically false belief system. To combat poaching, plenty is needed. Whether it’s funding, technology, research or collaborative projects; plenty of funding is needed to combat this wildlife terrorism. We’ve selected 3 unique rhino conservation charities that need your support – hopefully this is a way for you to get started with your charity efforts.

The StopRhinoPoaching NGO was launched in 2010 in response to the rapid decline in rhino population numbers. This is probably the most well-known organisation in terms of rhino charities. The Stop Rhino founders spend countless hours sourcing funding, supporting projects, raising awareness and helping those on the frontline. Ultimately, they are a channel that sees that the correct role-players in key areas are reached and that funding is channeled into tangible, reputable projects within specific reserves.

The frontline is the danger zone and serves as the buffer between rhinos and poachers. StopRhinoPoaching pours much of its focus into ensuring that rangers, APUs, management and security are supported. Other areas of focus include : rhino dogs and handler training, equipment and technology, ranger wellness, specialised training, research and stakeholder relations. The charity is constantly on the lookout to collaborate with organisations and individuals; while simultaneously seeking donations.

If StopRhinoPoaching is your chosen rhino charity, then there are many ways in which you can help. You can start off small by purchasing jewellery and on-trend trinkets from their shop, donate, or choose to partner with them.

StopRhinoPoaching is completely transparent with their funding and will quite happily furnish supporters with documents, reports and print outs of how donations are allocated.

Stop Rhino Poaching website :

Stop Rhino Poaching

Nkombe Rhino

Nkombe Rhino is a growing charity that focuses on supporting their own APU. Founder is none other than rugby legend, Joe Pietersen, who is as passionate about rugby as he is about conservation. Rhinos are currently at the forefront of Nkombe’s conservation efforts, but in the near future the organisation hopes to invest and support a wide range of projects that help with all endangered species. Funding is used to upgrade technology at satellite camps, ensure comfortable living conditions for the frontline “soldiers” fighting the war against poaching, and anything else that is needed to support the hardworking and dedicated APU.

One of the most urgent projects underway is the massive dehorning project in the Greater Kruger, which Nkombe is a part of. This is a costly and highly-specialised process, with each rhino costing in excess of R10 000 to dehorn. A highly-qualified team of vets, conservationists and aerial team ensure the rhino’s safety while it is being dehorned. Urgent contributions are needed to sponsor individual rhinos.

Other current rhino projects include rhino relocation and various fundraisers.

Nkombe Rhino website :

APU Team Nkombe

Rocking for Rhinos

Rocking for Rhinos is a small, yet significant NGO that is locally based in the safari town of Hoedspruit. Backed by a few local supporters and luxury lodges in the Balule Nature Reserve, Rocking for Rhinos is definitely making a valuable contribution in the field of rhino conservation. Rocking for Rhinos has a different approach to raising funds. Essentially, they’re a conservation orientated even production company that puts on any type of festival that draws in the crowds. We’re talking music festivals, art festivals and even markets. If you have an idea in mind, or you’re a band, then we urge you to collaborate with Rocking for Rhinos. International bands and artists touring means plenty of exposure across international waters!

A large portion of the funds go towards a handpicked selection of beneficiaries that use the funds for rhino conservation, and part of the funds go towards organising memorable festivals. There’s even a merchandise store offering a range of rocker style t-shirts, and other unique paraphernalia.

Since its inception in 2012, Rocking for Rhinos has donated close to R800 000 towards rhino conservation efforts.

Rocking for Rhinos website :

Those are our top 3 unique rhino conservation charities needing your support. There are ample other foundations and charities from which to choose. It’s really up to you !

Rocking for Rhinos