Family activities in Cape Town

4 Family Activities in Cape Town

Cape Town is the perfect holiday destination for families. There’s so much to do in a city that never sleeps, and – apart from being an adventure lover’s paradise – it is also one of the most awe-inspiring destinations perfectly equipped to entertain families with its natural beauty. Family activities in Cape Town can include anything from lazy days on white sandy beaches, to scaling mountains, exploring vineyards, shopping, boat cruises and more. Either way, families certainly won’t be bored exploring the iconic landmarks, sweeping scenes and bustling coastal villages of Cape Town.

Swim with Penguins at Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is located in Simon’s Town which is located one the False Bay coastline. It’s about a 20 min drive from the famous Cape Point Nature Reserve, and has proved time-and-time again to be a highlight with tourists.

A protected penguin colony lives freely on the shores of Boulders Beach. Visitors have the option of walking along the rustic wooden walkway to view the nesting penguins from up close, or they can relax on the beach in the protected bay in the hopes of seeing the penguins swimming freely. Either way, Boulders is one of the nicest Protected and safe beaches/bays in the peninsula. You’d need to get there early to grab a spot as the beach is a tiny bay. Perfectly round granite Boulders protrude from the water and create small channels of water between the smooth rocks provide the perfect hideaway for penguins. It’s not uncommon to spot a few jackass penguins gliding through the shallow crystal clear waters while you’re dunking and diving in the waters.

After spending time with the penguins and indulging your sun seeker side, we recommend you explore Simon’s Town on Foot. There are beautiful curio shops, ice-cream vendors and an array of restaurants catering for a variety of palates (even your teenager’s fussy food choices).

Family activities in Cape Town

Family activities in Cape Town

Family Activities in Cape Town at the VA Waterfront

The VA Waterfront sits on the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town and is centered around a yacht basin. There is something for everyone at the Waterfront ! There’s a delightful daily sunset cruise ideal for families – it’s not too long, so the little ones won’t get bored. The cruise meanders its way around the harbour area and gives a great vantage point.

There are a ton of sushi, seafood and mixed grill restaurants, so you certainly won’t be stuck for choice when it comes to meal times. If you’re a large family with contrasting dietary habits, then head to the food market where you’ll find a wealth of flavours and stalls boasting decadent dessert options!

Of course, there’s the aquarium and also a host of other unique activities on offer that changes

In typical mall fashion there are so many boutique shops, local stores and international brand name stores worthy of browsing. Your family will find something to blow the holiday budget !

Family activities in Cape Town

Surfing at Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg is located on the False Bay coastline on the warm Indian Ocean. It’s Cape Town’s buzzing surfer town and is home to a mild wave ideal for beginners and perfect for pros when the swell picks up. There are a few surf schools on the shore and plenty of places to hire SUPs, surfboards and wetsuits.

Why is it great for families? Adults can send the kids off for a surfing sessions while they hover in one of the coffee shops on the beach, enjoy a lunch with a view or read a book on the beach. Fun for the kids, and a complete break for adults.

Family activities in Cape Town

Taking the Cableway Up Table Mountain

The flat-topped mountain governing the bustling city below is called “Table Mountain”, a mountain

When the weather’s playing ball, and the wind is calm, the cable car opens. It’s a fantastic way to get a bird’s eye-view of the Mother City. The slow ride up to the top of the mountain is pleasant and if you looked down you can see the fynbos covered slopes, the myriad of hiking paths and the incredible rock faces.

When you’re at the top, the flat plateau spans some 3 km of viewpoints. Stop at each of the viewpoints to take in the sights of the various points of the Cape Peninsula. There are mind-blowing views of the Atlantic seaboard, panoramic views of vineyards and cityscapes.

If your family is sporty and adventurous, you could hire a local guide and hike up the face of Table Mountain, Cape Town’s landmark. There are many routes to the top, but most them are pretty tough going. We’d recommend hiking up and taking the cableway down.

These are just a few options of family activities in Cape Town, there are plenty of other forms of entertainment in the Mother city.

Family activities in Cape Town

Family-friendly hotels in Cape Town

Many of Cape Town’s hotels are great for families travelling together. Here are 3 of our favourite Family-friendly hotels in Cape Town.

More Quarters – this luxury apartment-style hotel ensures that your children are never far from you. Enjoy the lounge area and the extra space in the apartments that you would not have in traditional hotel rooms.

The Cape Grace – timelessly classic and luxurious, the Cape Grace Hotel in the Waterfront has many little add on’s for children! From their own special dressing gowns to baking cookies and, bathtime toys and a collection of DVD’s, children are welcome and celebrated at The Cape Grace.

Twelve Apostles – sunsets and endless ocean views combine with impeccable luxury and a classic hotel. Kiddies gift bags, DVD’s and a private afternoon screening of their favourite movie in the inhouse cinema, all ensure your children have a wonderful time.

Family activities in Cape Town

Family activities in Cape Town
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4 Family Activities in Cape Town
Family activities in Cape Town can include anything from lazy days on white sandy beaches, to scaling mountains, exploring vineyards, shopping, boat cruises and more.
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