Kichakani Serengeti Camp in Tanzania : An Escape in Two Migration Locations

Sanctuary Retreats has raised the bar in terms of exclusive, luxury mobile camps in the Serengeti. Set in two unique locations across the plains of Africa, the aim of Kichakani Serengeti Camp in Tanzania is to track and follow the movements of million-strong zebra and wildebeest herds. The famous migration of the Serengeti is one of the many reasons visitors flock to Africa on an annual basis. Stay at Kichakani Serengeti Camp and follow the herds as they stampede off in search of succulent, sweet grasses during the annual migration cycle.

How is it possible to have on camp in two locations? The answer is simple. It’s an entirely mobile and moveable tented structure that leaves little imprint on the environment. Tents are completely exclusive and offer an elite sense of luxury that matches the Sanctuary brand synonymous with classic safari style. The idea is to let guests experience a modern take on how the pioneering explorers of the 19th century lived. The locations vary and are selected based on a number of factors, with the major factor being the natural migration path of these adored ungulates. With so many species littering the plains, it’s inevitable that the marauding predators would come out to play. You will witness some of the greatest take-downs in history, and ogle over slender cheetah prowling the plains. It’s an absolute spectacle of wildlife, and the Kichakani team ensures that camps are set up in the most wildlife-rich pockets of the region.

Nights are spent in the Classic Campaign Tents, canvas tents that serve as a protective canopy over an interior filled with mid-century decor coupled with a few contemporary items. We’re talking a mix of brass, copper, character cabinets, and high-quality wood designed to create a sophisticated safari atmosphere. A collection of Africa’s finest things!

There are 10 tents in total, each of which is furnished in a classic Out of Africa distinctive style. Tents have their own wooden deck, a perfect place to kick back and relax with a freshly brewed Tanzanian coffee. Bathrooms are all en-suite and come complete with bucket showers – an experience not to be missed! Your own private tent butler will top up your bucket shower with warm water, as and when you please. Absolute wilderness relaxation at its best.

When you’re not in the privacy of your authentic tent, lapping up the pristine surrounds, we urge you to migrate to the central canopied area housing a main tent that flows gently into a relaxation lounge and dining area. The tent is kitted-out with plush furnishings – the types of sofas that swallow you and cocoon you with opulent comfort. There’s a small bar area where you can order your craft gin and tonic – a drink that’s a must while on safari. Golden hour is also a much celebrated time of day on safari, and your welcoming hosts will be sure to whisk you away to a pocket of paradise to celebrate the end of day. This is yet another opportunity for you to indulge in that gin and tonic.

Grab you drink and head to the boma area, an enclave that has a traditional firepit and roaring campfire. The perfect place to exchange stories and listen to stories told by your local guide.

While we’re on the topic of drinks, fires and sunsets, we should talk about the cuisine at Kichakani. The food certainly deserves special mention. A mesh of traditional flavours mixed with modern flair combine to make the perfect African inspired on-trend dish. Coconut beans, chilli from neighbouring Zanzibar, and the typical Tanzanian salsa called kachumbari are just a few of the things to try while on your African sojourn.

Kichakani Serengeti Camp in Tanzania is more than just about the annual migration and wildlife spectacle than ensues. It’s a way of life – the Sanctuary way!

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Author: Carolynne Higgins

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