Client Feedback : nThambo Tree Camp and Honeyguide

Janelle’s clients stayed at two camps in the Kruger – Honeyguide and nThambo Tree Camp. Both camps are located within private reserves and offer an exclusive Kruger safari experience. nThambo has wooden chalet accommodation on stilts, and Honeyguide has traditional tented accommodation. A contrasting experience for Janelle’s guests, but overall had an incredible safari experience. 

The dining area at nThambo Tree Camp, opened up to look onto the surrounding bush The dining area at nThambo Tree Camp, opened up to look onto the surrounding bush Accommodation nThambo nThambo Lodging

Here is their feedback :

Hi Janelle,

I want to thank you for your help in planning a wonderful trip.  All of our transportation in and out of the Kruger area went smoothly and we enjoyed both Safari lodges.  I just posted a five star review on the website.

NThambo was a particularly luxurious experience. The owner on site everyday, dedicated staff, interaction with fellow travelers from around the world (or at least around Europe) and the small size, all helped make it extra special.

Honeyguide was a bit different.  Our guide and tracker were excellent however the staff was not particularly attentive and the facilities were a bit run down.  Two examples, the safari truck was old and rusty with panels on the dashboard missing and loose wires visible and both of our tents lost electricity on the second night.  On the upside the food was very good and the guides worked hard to show us many difficult to track animals such as lion and leopard.  We enjoyed the stay but much preferred the experience at nThambo.

I hope the feedback helps.  Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Thanks again for your assistance planning this trip!


Author: Carolynne Higgins

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