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Kwando Lagoon, Kwando Splash and Kwando Tau Pan camps in Botswana were Michelle’s camps of choice for Christian’s Botswana safari. Her guests also enjoyed a quick city break at at the Residence in Rosebank, Johannesburg. It’s quite clear that both Christian and Mike loved their Africa safari experience, and saw plenty of wildlife.

Here is their feedback : 

Hi Michelle,

I’ve been meaning to send you an email. The trip was absolutely AMAZING! Both Mike and I truly enjoyed it and couldn’t have been happier.

From the first day at Kwando Lagoon we got to see elephants, giraffes, wild dogs, etc and on the second day we tracked a female lion with three cubs, which was pretty incredible. The whole tracking experience was very interesting and worth it. We saw plenty through our entire trip, including a cheetah, leopard and many more lions.

All three camps were great! The view of the river at Lagoon was spectacular and with Splash being so new, the accommodations are very nice and modern.  Tau Pan was great as well, with an amazing view. The only down side of Tau Pan/Kalahari was that due to the “rainy season” being so dry with not much rain, the game viewing was a bit limited. We did see a pride of 9 lions which was REALLY NICE and totally worth it, but other than that, it was pretty limited when you compare it to Splash or Lagoon where we saw tons of animals all the time.

We enjoyed all three camps, but other people traveling around complained about the game viewing in the Kalahari being very limited…just thought that would be helpful for you to know. In terms of the staff, they were all great at every camp. Staff, guides, trackers were all amazing…the food was delicious, and overall a really nice experience. We met some great people along the way as well.

In Johannesburg, we loved The Residence. Such a relaxing hotel, with great service, food, and ambiance. I would definitely stay there again.

I will of course leave a review as we were very pleased with everything. I have also been recommending you/Sun Safaris to anyone to asks about the trip. In fact, I think some family friends (Fernando Garcia Robles and Tom) have already been talking with you or someone at Sun Safaris 🙂

Thank you again for everything and let me know if you would like more details about the camps or anything else.



Botswana Client Feedback

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Author: Carolynne Higgins

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