Client Feedback : Namibia Desert Dreaming

Michelle crafted the perfect Nambian desert safari for her guests, and its seems she exceeded their expectations. We had two sets of feedback – one from Wim, and then his daughter Carole. They stayed at Little Kulala in Sossusvlei,  situated deep within the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world. Combined with their stay at Little Kulala, they also enjoyed a true desert safari experience at Onguma Tented Camp, Mowani Mountain Camp and Swakopmund Guest House. 

Sossusvle iNambia

Wim’s Feedback :

Dear Michelle,

I am sorry for our late reply! We have been very busy since we got back from Namibia…

We’ve spent a wonderful holiday in Namibia. Personally, I found the Sossusvlei with Death Valley one of the highlights. Also, a safari near Etosha, where we ended up between a group of elephants, was memorable. Namibia is such a beautiful country, the many landscapes are unforgettable. In the attachment, you will find some pictures.

The camps were super, with Little Kulala being my favourite. I would forget Swakopmund on the next visit to Namibia. Not really a top destination, certainly not for 2 nights.

We will leave a review on the website you referred to.

Thank you again for the wonderful travel trip you have put together for us. We are already looking forward to the next one!

Kind regards,

Carole’s feedback : 

Hi Michelle,

I totally agree with my father’s opinion. Namibia was sooo beautiful! The game was a little bit different then Tanzania, but the views were incomparable. We loved Little Kulala: the warm winds, desolate landscapes, beautiful dunes,… It was so impressive! I personally found the Etosha lodge a little bit less, as the staff were very shy and did not really create an atmosphere. I later found out that this hotel group barely employs women, which I found a little regrettable. However, the tents and the swimming pool were absolutely beautiful and we even saw a leopard at evening drinking at the pool

A little practical suggestion: we did not succeed in following the D2865 until Namutoni gate. We missed a turn, so we ended up at the D3028. Maybe the turn could be stated more clearly in the route description? it’s just a suggestion

As my father says: we are already looking forward to our next trip

Kind regards,


Elephants in Etosha Namibian Lodge Client Feedback - Namibia

Author: Carolynne Higgins

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