Brazil’s Pantanal : We Interview Liselle About Her Trip

One of our consultants, Liselle, explored new territory a couple of months ago. We’ve already introduced an additional destination to our books (South America), and it was imperative that one of our consultants’ ventures out into potential safari destinations. Liselle and her husband enjoyed a whirlwind exploratory tour of Brazil, the Pantanal, Amazon and beyond. Brazil’s Pantanal boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in the world, and we encourage guests to enjoy a worldwide safari, combining the highlights of Africa with the splendour of South America. We had a quick chat with Liselle about her intrepid journey to the Pantanal in Brazil. We’ve thrown in a few of her images from the Pantanal combined with others from the amazing Amazon. 

Pantanal Brazil Canoeing in the Pantanal Pantanal Capybara Pantanal Crocs Getting Up Close to Crocs Pantanal Horse Riding Pantanal Liselle and Marti Pantanal Parrot Fishing for Piranha Sunset in Brazil

What wildlife did you see in the Pantanal?

Capybaras, Caimans, Otters, Piranhas, Herons & plenty of other birds.

Where did you stay?

Pousada Rio Mutum in North Pantanal (would not recommend the lodge itself) – But will recommend Caiman Ecological Lodge in South Pantanal (they were full, so had to stay at the other one)

What was the highlight?

 All the activities, spectacular scenery & photographic opportunities!  Canoeiing, Piranha Fishing & Horse Riding.

What activities can you do in the Pantanal region?

Jaguar Boating Safaris, Photographic Safaris, Walking Tours, Piranha Fishing, Canoe Tours, Night Safaris, Jeep Safaris, Bird watching, Bike Tours, Village Tours…

How did you get there?

To Pousada Rio Mutum (North) where we stayed:

Fly into Cuiaba (Pantanal North).  Road transfer from Cuiaba to Lodge.  (110km on paved highway & 20km on a dirt road)  Travel time by road is on average 2,5 – 3 hours, depending on the time of year.

To Caiman Ecological Lodge (South):

Fly into Campo Grande.  Road transfer from Campo Grande to Lodge. (approx. 4 hours)  Or you can fly via private charter into their airstrip, which takes 50 minutes.