Client Feedback : Spotting the Big 5 in Kruger

Natasha’s clients visited a few nature and visited Bushwa Game Lodge, Honeyguide Khoka Moya Camp and Klaserie Sands River Camp. Bushwa is a luxurious five-star lodge but it is not located within a big five reserve and should be considered more of a local getaway in nature, as opposed to a game-laden game reserve. From the gentle retreat of Bushwa, the moved onto spotting the big 5 in Kruger. 

Honey Guide Kruger

Honey Guide Wildlife

Klaserie Sands River Camp Sunlight

Klaserie Sands River Camp

Klaserie Sands Lodge Wooden Decking Klaserie Sands

Here is their feedback:

Hi Natasha,

Yes, we are back after these 10 days which passed very fast. Hereafter, a short summary of our feelings on our stay. Concerning the 3 lodges, we are very satisfied.

They are all different, very comfortable with excellent locations and very nice staffs. However, we have a preference for Honeyguide due to its authenticity (having many animals, including elephants, a few steps away from our tent was quite unusual…).

Concerning the game drive, I must say that we have been quite disappointed with Bushwa. If we would have known that the reserve has so few animals, we would have asked you to change the camp. Spending three days in Bushwa to see the same group of sable antelopes, the same group of buffalos and some giraffes was a bit frustrating. Therefore we booked game drives in neighbouring reserves with the hope to see more animals and, in particular, the big five…

Fortunately, Honeyguide and Klaserie were much more exciting. Especially at Honeyguide, where, meeting elephants when going to our tent or to the restaurant is an experience that we will remember.

In these 2 reserves, enjoyed our competent and interesting guides who gave us the chance to see all animals we were expecting (except wild dogs).  They were not very abundant groups (perhaps because of the changes of the weather?) but we really enjoyed to see cheetahs, leopards, lions and rhinos as well as a lot of very beautiful birds.

Globally, this trip has met our expectations and we thank you for the good memories we bring back home.

I will send you some pictures using we transfer.

With our best regards

Nicole & Jean-Pierre

Author: Carolynne Higgins

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