NEWS : Masai Mara &Beyond Bateleur Camp Gets a Revamp

&Beyond offers a range of superb safari lodges scattered across prime wildlife destinations in Africa, and the lodges all offer something unique to their guests, while never surpassing on the ultimate in luxury. Their indulgent lodges are of exceptionally high quality, and when it comes to refreshing and revamping their lodge; they certainly don’t take shortcuts. &Beyond Bateleur Camp is located in a forest on the plains of the world-renown Masai Mara in Kenya, below the region where Out of Africa’s final scene was filmed. It was decided that this sophisticated camp oozing charm and finesse, needed a few additions, a couple of new builds and fresh take on the interior. Plenty of changes were made to this camp, which are outlined below.

These are the changes :

  • A complete redesign, under the watchful eye and creative genius of leading conceptual and development company Fox Brown Creative. 20 years ago they were the original designers and were consulted to add a fresh look, feel and rebuild for this sensational Kenyan safari lodge.
  • The old lodge had a refreshing lap pool, and now 2 new swimming pools have been added – complete with decking area for relaxation.
  • There’s a tranquil spa, a fitness centre and safari shop. The spa and fitness centre are encompassed by glass, which means guests can enjoy sweeping views of the wild landscape while indulging in their choice of spa treatment.
  • In June, Bateleur Camp is set to launch their swanky interactive bar that will serve a range of coffees from the local area  (Kenya is famed for their coffee) and the quintessential safari drink of choice – a gin & tonic.
  • Additional dining areas have been created around the pool and extending from your room.
  • Further tents were added, including a family unit which comprises two guest tents and the addition of a lounge area. Due to the redesign, there is far more relaxation space.
  • Bathrooms now have outdoor showers, deep bathtubs and even daybeds. There are plenty of extra features and added value extras in the luxury tents.
  • The changes are immense, but ultimately the essence of &Beyond Bateleur Camp is in sticking with the Out of Africa theme, and the theme has been maintained during the revamp. Many of the antique pieces and old world charm has been kept in tact.
  • A major change has been the idea to move the fences so that big game come within close quarters to the lodge, while still being located at a safe distance and out of harm’s way.

The below images are courtesy of &Beyond. 

Bateleur Masai Mara Bateleur Masai Mara Rooms Bateleur Masai Mara Sunset Bateleur Masai Mara Lounge Bateleur Masai Mara Landscape





Author: Carolynne Higgins

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