Client Feedback : Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park

Michelle’s guests enjoyed a Botswana safari and explored all the best that the country has to offer its visitors. Guests stayed at Camp Moremi and Machaba Camp in the Okavango Delta. They also stayed at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge in Chobe and Muchenje Safari Lodge in the Chobe National Park.

Dear Michelle

Sorry for the extremely late reply to you. However, still think you should have some quick feedback.

Overall, we were happy with your all of your support. Now, a friend is planning a trip asking for recommendation – so I will refer her to you 🙂

We had a wonderful trip. And yes, we definitely want to return 🙂

Yes, we were lucky to see a lot of animals – best part was leopards in Machaba, and everything else at that camp!

Camp Moremi: it was fine, not overly exciting but just fine. The cabins are not luxury, but fine enough. We did see a lot of different animals, inkl. an encounter of some cat like animal (do not remember if it was an actual leopard) having a feast in the camp area.

Camp Moremi Deck Camp Moremi House Camp Moremi Swimming Pool

Machaba: Absolutely wonderful – everything from the tents themselves and the authentic feeling it brings of being able to listen to the animals and the interior design / decorations (50’s style). Also the shared facilities, all of the staff, the food, the drinks. Just loved the place. And we saw so many animals incl. leopards and hippo’s about and about. These guys and girls did a great job – heard they were about to open another similar camp during 2016, close to the border of S.A. I think. Also some of them do or used to do Horseback ride camp safaris. Are you familiar with any if this? (for future reference)

Machaba Okavango Delta Machaba Camps Machaba Camp Tent Mokoro Botswana

Ghoha Hills: Beautiful place, great food, nice room etc. However, 2 things: 1) we were pretty much the only one’s there during most of the stay, that was too quit for us. Along this, we hardly saw any animals, and we drove very far every day. In addition, we got stuck in the sand dust/dirt several times, I think it was common that time of the year. Think hardly no one else being there at that time (July) and not much sight of animal goes together. 2) the staff did not do so well re service – seemed very unconscious of how to perform service to a level expected at such an expensive place. This was related to e.g. serving of food and beverages and cleaning of the shared areas. The upside was the private waterhole –  but it was only really impressive on the first day.

You shouldn’t recommend other travelers to go during July. However, at other times I’m surely it is absolutely lovely. Also the owners, at least at that time, were both very kind and informative and did everything they could to make our stay as best as possible. Yet, beyond their ability to control the animals of course. If they do not know about the staff, perhaps you want to let then know, but it’s been along time ago now.

Ghoha Hills Aerial Sunset Views Over Ghoha Hills

Muchenje: unfortunately the all time great British couple that used to run it had left some months before we got there. It was completely w.o. ant atmosphere. Also, now we had also experiences so much better this seemed all of a sudden a lot like the easy, 1. time going on a safari experience – having to drive a long time 20 min-ish on a paved road with regular traffic / car until you reach the entrance of the park, is not ideal, takes away the feel of being in the bush in Africa. Don’t get me wrong, still an ok place – especially as it’s convenient re the airport (which is now new, I understand) – but still, as far as I recall it’s not that more cheaper than some of the other places, simply more easily accessible! But don’t think you should recommend for the one’s who are experiences in safari, unless for convenience.  Note also, July was definitely not as exciting re animals as is spring time, e.g. March / April – timing will make a big diff. in the experience.

Many kind regards,


Muchenje View Chobe Muchenje Lounge

Author: Carolynne Higgins

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