Client Feedback : Masai Mara Safari

Michelle’s clients stayed at Governers Camp and Porini Lion Camp in the Masai Mara. Seems like Virginia Esposito had an incredible time exploring the wonders of a safari in East Africa ! Sun Safaris arranged their East Africa safari, but the guest’s Serengeti portion of the holiday was of their own accord. 

Dear Michelle:


Finally we are all back home and settled down on a long vacations with  long  flights. We had a lovely trip, as you might know, we started in Serengeti were we had a lovely stay at Chaka Camp, mobile tented camp in Southern Serengeti  which we knew in   2016  in Northern Serengeti. I never imagined that the settings could make such a big difference in mobile  tented camps, it was a little dissapointment but we still enjoyed it.

From there, we left to Maasai Mara, at the border, we had some delay with the visa situation which we had  applied online,  there, we were told that it is much better to get visa upon arrival. Who knows why!!!

Governior´s Camp, a lovely camp, beautiful gardens, nice servise, food is fine and spectacular wildlife.  The elephants that cross the camp in the evening is something magic, only that is worth it.

Again, transfers were on time, very smooth.

Porini Lions Camp, a little bit too “Porini” it is too basic, common areas are not well taken care,  little bit abandoned, cleaness is not on their side, dirty ashtrays  and a mess of pillows in the sofas from the night before and .  It is very hot there, food is ok, basic rooms. They advertisse wifi, which almost never worked. Maybe we are comparing it a llitle bit with SA-Kruger  and there is no comparison  point, it is apples and oranges, service was normal, but: THE BEST WILDLIFE THAT WE HAVE SEEN! 

There are other camps at Olare Conservation, maybe it is worth to consider the upgrade,  but, for people looking for the real african adventure, that is the place!

We arrived in Nairobi with no problems at all, except for the confusion  the guides on Teresa´s hotel but that was it.

We appreciate all the help from your side to make this and unforgettable trip!

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Author: Carolynne Higgins

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