Video of Lion Attacking a Leopard at Kirkman’s Camp in Kruger

We’ve all watched the YouTube video about the Battle of the Kruger that made unsuspecting tourists gain recognition for their amateur video. A similar event happened to Matthew Poole, a professional guide and ranger from &Beyond Kirkman’s Camp.

While taking guests on one of their game drives, they stumbled across a rather rare event that delivered predator-on-predator action! One of the large males from a coalition of two called the Matshipiris, slowly and silently stalked a dominant male leopard in the area called Bicycle Crossing.

Guests were exceptionally lucky to witness these two species engaging in a tumultuous tumble. Both cats came away unscathed, but the dust, noise and scuffle proved to be quite the showdown.  The fight appeared to be more of an intimidation tactic from the lion’s side. This certainly didn’t appear to be a meal ticket!

Here is the much anticipated video of a lion attacking a leopard at Kirkman’s Camp:

Leopards are solitary creatures and spend the heat of the day resting in trees or on elevated areas where they can survey the landscape for potential danger. Leopards hunt by stalking quietly and they’re excellent swimmers, agile climbers and readily devour a range of prey.

This leopard, due to its agility, was able to sprint to safety and use its limber body to outsmart this dominant cat. Leopards are notoriously sneaky, which enables them to get away with anything.

Lions generally hunt by stalking and ambushing their prey. Hunts are normally done in prides or with other lions. In this case, the ranger thought the male was walking towards another member of its coalition but in fact, made a turn to chase the leopard off of its turf.

Lions are incredibly territorial and can be aggressive if they feel under threat. When these two dominant male predators met, tensions were high!

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Author: Carolynne Higgins

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