Elephant vs Crocodile at Lion Sands, Kruger National Park

Elephant vs Crocodile in the Kruger National Park

This morning on a game drive the guests at Lion Sands, in Kruger Concessions of Kruger National Park, were enjoying a peaceful time with a herd of elephants swimming and drinking at the newly flowing river. Suddenly their attention was drawn to the bank by an elephant trumpeting in distress. A quick thinking guest snapped the photo below.

It seems that the elephant was in the shallows when the crocodile snapped its jaws shut on the end of the elephants trunk. The elephant tried to shake the croc off but couldn’t. The elephant then backed up onto the bank, dragging the crocodile, still attached to his trunk, with him. He then knelt down on top of the crocodile, which caused the croc to let go. Both of them then retreated to lick their wounds. And so started another exciting day in the Kruger Bush!

Elephant vs Crocodile

Elephant vs Crocodile – a photo by a quick thinking guest

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