nDzuti boma

Another Castle in the Klaserie Kingdom: nDzuti Safari Camp

We have a lot of experience in the supreme Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Kruger’s unfenced neighbour; we know the lion prides by name, what they’re feeding on where they hide their cubs. Although this quietly private reserve rubs shoulders with the world-famous Kruger, it offers nothing of the multi-vehicle sightings and traffic of the National Park, but it does contain the brilliant population of wildlife we love to see on safari.

Adding to the repertoire of Sun Destinations (sister company to Sun Safaris) is nDzuti Safari Camp. This is Sun Destination’s 3rd camp in the Klaserie, and we are thrilled to have taken this nurtured establishment on board. Just as we like it, this camp is small and intimate, accommodating only 8 people in 4 bedrooms that lead off a main lounge/living area. High, thatched ceilings and leather, studded sofas set the tone, African inspired art and photography don the walls, while wooden furniture and bare cement keep in tune with the natural impression of the lodge.




nDzuti is unfenced, but surrounded by a tripwire, making it perfectly safe for young children to enjoy the full, green lawn. There is no need to be escorted across the premises by guides, giving families the freedom to move between the pool area, the deck and the house as they please. Our home of walking safaris, Africa on Foot, and our luxury Treehouse accommodation, nThambo Tree Camp, are both unfenced and open to visiting wildlife, whereas nDzuti provides a worry-free safari location for parents with adventurous children in tow.

The main building houses all 4 en suite bedrooms, connecting them via the spacious central area, which includes a comfortably furnished lounge, equipped kitchen and dining area, offering a place of gathering or for relaxing indoors. Across the green, shady grass outside is a wide wooden deck and brick patio overlooking a riverbed, a pool and some sun loungers, a sheltered bar nearby, as well as a traditional boma area where the fire will be lit at night. Guests can dine under the stars, enjoy evening drinks around the fire or spend afternoons at the pool with their comfortable air-conditioned suites only a walk away.





Now that we know families will be well cared and catered for at nDzuti, let’s add to the appeal with the mention of the resident River Pride that has made the nDzuti concession their territory. Game abounds in the Klaserie, and we have already become familiar with 2 other lion prides that reside near Africa on Foot and nThambo. The Ross Pride and the Giraffe Pride both carry the white lion gene and have had their fair share of a fight in the past. The River Pride has defeated a rough history and is dominated by a loner male that can be identified by his tuft-less tail! Recently, a River Pride lioness hid her cubs in the oxbow of the Klaserie River, right in front of nDzuti Safari Camp, creating much excitement and superb lion viewing.

The Klaserie is Big 5 territory, sharing the free flow of wildlife with the Kruger National Park, but none of the tourists. Buffalo herds, big-tusker elephants, and packs of wild dogs decorate the private reserve, while a zero-tolerance for poaching keep rhinos safe and us happy. Game drives in open-top 4×4 vehicles carry guests in comfort, while optional guided walks bring one closer to nature and build up a bit of a sweat before breakfast.

nDzuti Safari Camp is a welcome 3rd to our trio of camps in the Klaserie Kingdom. We look forward to booking in families and friends alike, for a secluded experience with a resident lion pride and warm, traditional accommodation.




Chloe Cooper