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Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2012 – Time to “think bike”! – by Carolynne Higgins

“Think Bike”.

We’ve all seen those bright yellow “Think Bike” stickers that adorn cyclists’ car windows. During the past few months motorists have really had to take this slogan into consideration due to the sudden influx of two-wheel-saddle fanatics on our roads.  So, why the sudden increase of cyclists in Cape Town?

The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is simple. It’s nearly time for the iconic Argus Cycle Tour which takes place on Sunday 11 March! Cyclists are squeezing in their last minute training in an effort to clock the challenging 110 km route around the Cape Peninsula. This tough cycle race boasts spectacular views of the coastline and mountain. Cyclists get to experience the sights of Chapman’s Peak, Simon’s Town, Camps Bay and Scarborough.

The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour attracts international riders, locals and even a few celebrities. There are also riders who cycle for charity, for a laugh (a bloke wore a “mankini” last year), on a BMX and even a unicycle.

Riding the Argus Cycle Tour on a Unicycle
Cape Argus Cycle Tour: Lost Your Other Wheel Mate?


In 2010 we saw the famous Lance Armstrong pedaling away in the lead.  This year, who knows, maybe Puff Daddy will take to the bike and Justin Bieber to the tricycle.  If you’re keen to celeb spot or support our local athletes, then get yourself down to watch the Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town. It’s a great occasion to get festive!

If you’re arriving in Cape Town for the Argus and you don’t have accommodation, then give us a quick shout – we’ll find somewhere for you to stay in Cape Town. None of us are cycling – we think the 110 km route is a bit challenging and would prefer to drive the route. However, the Sun Safaris team will be supporting the cyclists from the sidelines!

Argus Cycle Tour Route Map

A Few Argus Cycle Tour Facts:

1.  South Africa hosts 3 major sporting events, one of them is the Argus.
2.  The Argus is the world’s largest individually timed race.
3. The race was stopped twice due to extreme weather. In 2002 it reached 42 degree celcius. Too hot to ride !
5. The Argus normally takes place on the second Sunday of March and well known cyclists such as Jan Ulrich, Miguel Indurain and Lance Armstrong compete.
6. The Argus is the first cycling event outside of Europe to be included in the Internationl Cycling Union’s Golden Bike Series. The Argus has seen up to 31 000 entrants.

Road Closures:

There will be road closures on both Saturday and Sunday in Cape Town. Please click here for a detailed breakdown of road closures.

Where to Watch:

Simon’s Town Main Road: This area is always festive. I suggest catching the train, watching the Argus and then meandering your way to Boulders Beach to swim with the penguins.

Suikerbossie: This is a tough climb for the cyclists. It’s generally bustling with spectator activity and this is where cyclists will need your kind words of encouragement.

Boyes Drive: Experience great views of False Bay while watching riders whiz past. Nearly all of the spectator spots on Boyes Drive offer great vantage points.

Good luck to all the cyclists!  Contact us now if you need accommodation in Cape Town. Who knows? We might even slipstream your enquiry. And remember…THINK BIKE !

Think Bike Cycle Awareness Sticker
Think Bike Cycle Awareness – image from